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Bangkok Best GogoBars and sexy dancer

GoGo bar is related to nightclub, but in more extreme way. Somes of this bars featuring sexy dancers or topless Go GO Dancers.

In South-East Asia, and especially in Thailand, go-go bars differ from beer bars in that they also include erotic adult entertainment, with dancers and hostesses. The performers are usually available for private hire, for your personal entertainment.

Go-go bars are particularly prominent in Thailand and some other Asian countries and are popular as venues for prostitution, and the dancers are often available to be bar fined by customers.

Go GO bars in Bangkok Nightlife

Many of Bangkok’s go go bars feature simply a continual run of songs in different musical styles – thumping dance beats and in some cases rocking tunes – and go go girls of seemingly different levels of enthusiasm dancing, or at least doing their best imitation of a dance, to the music. In many cases dancing equates to swaying back and forth around a pole or up and down the stage in order for them to have a look at the interested parties in the bar and vice versa.

One of Bangkok’s most well known go-go bars is The Dollhouse, which is located in one of Bangkok’s busiest late night adult entertainment areas – Soi Cowboy (soi 23 just off Sukhumvit Road). This is about a five minute walk from Asoke Station by Sky Train, or Sukhumvit Station if you use the Bangkok Subway System.

This go-go bar first opened at the end of 2000, the aim of the owners was to set new standards in nightlife and adult entertainment. Here visitors can enjoy being waited on hand, foot and finger by many attractive Thai females, whose only wish is to attend to their every need. Pole dancing is a popular spectacle as are the table dancers on the upper level of the original Dollhouse.

Besides Bangkok, another best place that has gogo bars in Thailand is Pattaya.

Some of Go Go bars in Bangkok, with the address and website :

1. Apache Bar
Telp : 0-2261-4043

2. Barbar
Website : http://www.barbar-bangkok.com/
Address : Patpong Soi 2 (near Silom Road)
Telp : 0-2632-7124

3. Baccara Bar
Website : http://www.baccarabar.com/
Address : near Sukhumvit Soi 23

4. Club Electric Blue
Website : http://clubelectricblue.com/
Address : Patpong Soi 2

5. Cocktail Club
Telp : 0-2259-5101

6. Deja Vu Bar
Website : www.dejavubar.com

7. DollHouse, The
Website : www.dollhouse-agogo.com

8. Long Gun (Lucky Star)

9. Midnite Bar
Website : www.midnite.biz

10. Play Skool
Address : Ground floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza
Telp :0-2656-7580

11. Rawhide

12. Shark Go go bar
Website : http://www.sharkbangkok.com/
Email : info@sharkbangkok.com

13. Spice Girls
Address : Sukhumvit Soi 23, , Bangkok
Website : http://www.spicegirls.biz/

14. Tilac Bar

15. Tony's Bar
Website : http://www.tonysbar.com/

16. Toy Bar

Gogobars in Bangkok

Bangkok GogoBars

Bangkok GogoBars

GogoBars Dancer in Dollhouse bar Bangkok
Bangkok GogoBars Dancers

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