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Sungai Kolok Thai Malaysia Border Nightlife

Sungai Kolok (Sword River) is the border between Thailand and Malaysia, located in Narathiwat, southern province of Thailand. The town on the Malaysian side of the border is Rantau Panjang which is in the state of Kelantan.

Sungai Kolok (Sungai Golok) is famous for Malaysian for its cheap shopping and nightlife. Many indutries worker from Malaysia always visit and enjoy Sungai Kolok, especially the bars and local girls such as at Sumtime Bar.

But recently Sungai Kolok difficult to get more visitors. Sungai Kolok has suffered a series of bombings, arson attacks and killings as a result of the ongoing trouble in Thailand's far south and while none of these attacks have specifically targeted westerners. Since the Muslim riot in 2004, there are at least 4000 peoples died in South Narathiwat Province, Yala, Pattani and some places in Songkhla.

How to access Sungai Kolok :

Direct air-conditioned buses to and from Bangkok are the best bet for getting to Sungai Kolok. The border is also served by rail although there is no crossing. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the closest major airport to Sungai Kolok, a 10-hour bus journey away.

Sungai Kolok Attractions :

1. Pa Phru To Daeng:
this large peat swamp near Sungai Kolok is better than it sounds, with some stunning scenery and waterfalls.

2. Sungai Kolok transportation hub:
the main attraction for most visitors who are just passing through, featuring a train station and buses and minibuses to destinations all over southern Thailand and Bangkok.

3. The usual stop after Sungai Kolok is either Hat Yai, or Rantau Panjang in Kelantan (the northernmost province of east coast of Peninsular Malaysia). You can also head to Pattani to expore Thailand's southern Muslim provinces.

Sungai Kolok Photos :

thai malay border sungai kolok
Sungai Kolok, border between Thailand and Malaysia.

Hala Bala National Park Sungai Kolok
Hala Bala National Park at Sungai Kolok

Train Station Sungai Kolok
Awaiting Train Station at Sungai Kolok

Sungai Kolok Shopping Nightlife
Sungai Kolok Shopping at Nightlife. Sales of Narathiwat's famous dishes, a local food contest, batik painting , shows and a tourism exhibition will be featured.

Sungai kOlok thai girl
Sungai Kolok is famous for its nightlife bars and local Thai Girls

Watch Sungai Kolok Downtown and hotel video here

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