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Hatyai Thailand City Bars and Cafe

Hatyai is a city in Thailand near the boundary of Malaysia. The city is located about 30km (18.5 miles) from the Thai-Malaysian border.

Bars in Hat Yai.
The nightlife in Hat Yai is not so exciting as Pattaya or Bangkok but you will find places with pool, live music, cafe's, live cabaret, rock bands and local style dance clubs.

The City Hat Yai in Southern Thailand have a nightlife. You have in this town disco bars, bars, beer bars, discotheques, karaoke bars and pubs.

Some of popular nightlife in Hatyai :

1. Manhatten Club - Klongrian 1 Rd.
A mix of DJ's and the excellent "Four Steps Band". One of Hat Yai's more well known and popular nightspots.

2. West Side Saloon - Thammanonnvithee Rd.
Live country rock and specials on different drinks.

3. The Pink Lady - Sanehanusorn Rd.
Hat Yai's (in)famous "traditional" night spot. Relax in the "Sexy Club", have a beer in the cafe or a massage and even have a game of snooker. All the time being surrounded by hostesses.

4. Sky Lounge - Pink Hotel
Thai "Gentleman's" club. Various dance shows, cabarets and hostesses everywhere. Includes the famous "No-Bra" girls.

5. Corazon - Pracharom Rd.
3-for-2 drinks weekdays and resident band. Happy hour 5pm - 8.30pm.

6. Cyber Pub - Thammanoonvithee Rd.
Popular spot with regular happy hours and resident band.

7. The Down Under Bar - Ground Floor, JB Hotel
Australian theme pub with imported beer and resident band.

8. Jurassic Club - Rajyindee Rd.
No Thai city is complete without at least one high-class karaoke place and this is Hat Yai's. Hostesses wait on you in VIP rooms as you get progressively drunk and convince yourself that you are Elvis!

9. Kiss Channel Pub - Rajyindee Rd.
Popular spot to have a few beers with a balcony area.

10. Auck Co Bar - Klongrian 1 Rd.
Japanese influenced place with good light snacks and cosy atmosphere.

Popular Restaurants:

1. Hansa Plaza - Raj U-Thit Rd.
Chinese restaurant/cabaret/showgirl place, very popular with visitors.

2. Haivathean - Chaiyakul U-Thit Rd.
Traditional style Chinese food in authentic surroundings. Good value food.

3. Seafood Gardens - 10th Floor, Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel
Beautiful place with excellent fresh seafood combinations. Slightly expensive but the overall surroundings make the extra baht insignificant.

4. Hong Yock - Cheevanusorn Rd.
A mix of different Asian style food and a nice decor.

5. Thalay Thai - Raj U-Thit Rd.
No frills spot. Plastic chairs, ordinary tables but outstanding, good value fresh seafood and Thai favourites. Popular spot.

6. Hokkee - Florida Hotel
Chinese restauranr with good food and nice surrounding

Hatyai Nightlife
Hatyai nightlife

Paragon Club situated beside Barberry Club and Hansa Cafe
Hatyai Paragon Club

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