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Thailand Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlors

Bangkok Massage Parlors

A Bangkok Soapy Massage has got to be top of the list for any visitor to the city of angels. There are so many Massage Parlours in Bangkok, or should we say Sexy Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok. This section was written by a friend who appears to have been a busy happy chappy on his visits to Bangkok. There are two spellings of parlor - parlour to suit the tastes of our British English visitors and American English visitors. As this account has been compiled over a number of trips (and years) some of this information may well be out of date. The names of the massage parlours may have changed or they may even have gone out of business. Nevertheless like most types of businesses in Thailand they tend to congregate in areas close to each other. So if your chosen massage parlour is not there any more you shouldn't have to go far to find another.

Of course quite often the sexy Thai massage girls also move on to another massage position either to a new massage parlor in Bangkokor maybe into retirement when they meet that special customer who takes her for the ultimate long time massage experience.

There are literally thousands of Thai massage parlors in Bangkok, Thailand. Essentially, there are three types of massage: the soapy massage, the Thai massage and the herbal oil massage. We all know that many massage parlors are little more than a front for prostitution, and in many massage parlors, this extra option is readily available.

This has to be the ultimate entertainment experience in this exciting city, if you have not tried it, you owe it to yourself to try this at least once. Although we are sure that it won't be your last. In the various massage parlors there seems to be a similar procedure.

Upon entering the establishment, you will be lead to a reception area where you will see a group of girls, usually in another room with a one way mirror. While you are admiring the females, you can always get a drink while you take your time to make your choice. Once you have made your selection, just give the manager the name and number(s). The girl will be brought out to greet you, and you could have a drink and chat with her, or simply head to the private room. Be fully aware gentlemen that you will be expected to settle the bill in advance of departing to the room.

Massage Parlors in Bangkok
Girls sitting behind the glass window for you to choose

Upon reaching the room with your selected escort, you may be offered the opportunity to order another drink, both for yourself and your companion. Chatting is optional, you may wish to progress and head for the type of massage you have selected. Depending on the option that you have chosen, you will first be placed in a soapy bubble bath, pleasurably cleaned up by your companion(s), and if you have chosen the body massage you will get the rubber mattress treatment. If you have not yet had this pleasure, it is widely recommended. Another suggestion, if your budget allows, is the “sandwich” where you get two young ladies to attend to all your needs.

Once you have been dried, and are squeaky clean from the soapy bath and massage, you will be shown to the bed, which is usually round or oval. This is round two of your pleasures, so prepare yourself. You can tell if the young lady is enjoying her time with you about now, since if she did not, she would be reluctant to spend even more time with you. The body massage usually takes about 90 minutes, but can last as long as two and a half hours if your masseuses are happy with the way you are treating them.

If all you are really looking for is a good body massage, then opt for traditional Thai massage, which originated some two and a half thousand years ago. The techniques were passed on originally by word of mouth, then written upon palm leaves. These may be viewed at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

Watch Massage Parlor at Bangkok Thailand, address Sukhumvit Soi 23 Bangkok Thailand

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;This is round two of your pleasures, so prepare yourself. You can tell if the young lady is enjoying her time with you about now, since if she did not, she would be reluctant to spend even more time with you.

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